Portable Machining

portablepagepicWe are the solution to your worn out or damaged heavy equipment on surface or underground.

Onsite machining is the most cost effective way of rebuilding worn or oversize bores on loader arms and buckets, excavator booms, center joints, etc. We can work in your repair shop or off the tailgate of our pickup in the bush.

By utilizing automatic bore welding we can bring the bores back to OEM specifications and use proper OEM bushings or pins. Our automatic bore welding system is a BOA 308i.

We have capabilities for portable line boring and bore welding from 1 7/8” Diameter bores up to 14”+.

We use a Climax line bore system, BB5000 which is highly rated for versatility, accuracy, and portability from others in the line bore field. Save the costly repair bills of taking your equipment to the nearest repair facility and the extensive down time.

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